Monday, February 29, 2016

Rubbermaid and Vegan Socks

It's several months after Christmas
I'm finally far enough out
to admit that
this Christmas I cried in front of everyone
not silent pretty tears
but the awkward kind that makes your face contort
and you just can't stop
so you cover your face with your hands
as your children present
a gift purchased with their own money
from their own personal view
on their own time
Maybe I'm getting more sentimental
knowing they are on their way out into their own lives
because no one cries over Rubbermaid Stacking Storage containers
unless you know your child paid attention to you struggling to find the right lid for the right size
so he bought a set that all the sizes use the same lid and are all the same color
"So it would be easier mom, and you can get rid of all the rest"
And you cry over socks that say Vegan because your child knows it was a big life change
and that kindness and not harming others is everything you stand for
and she says, "geez mom it's just socks, don't cry"
But you can't stop crying because you realize in that moment
that you did alright
that your kids turned out beautiful and kind and caring
that you didn't screw up all that bad
And you can't stop crying because
from now on you can't look at them the same
because they aren't little kids anymore
but young adults finding their way
you realize all at once
there will be struggles you can't fix
or kiss away
but you have also seen that they are strong and independent
capable of looking outside of themselves
So you just cry
bitter sweet tears
of rejoicing
of letting go
and everyone comes over and hugs you
and tells you it's going to be alright


  1. And your friends cry reading it. :)
    Absolutely lovely.

  2. Thank you for reading sweet Bobi. I am sure you could relate!

  3. I smiled at the title and cried (with you) at the content.
    Your gifts are many.